Under the name of HKSC, we provide services of; polymer concrete channel, pouring channel grating, stainless channel grating, modern groups of drains, stainless shower drains, grade-crossing shower systems, shower drains, stainless oil separators, manhole and production of manhole covers, EPDM parapets, colored rain degradation systems, production of roof window, roof systems, roof drain systems, roof and its solutions, decoration, construction and undertaking groups.


Devorex PLC is a fast growing, international company that develops innovative, functional and environment friendly products. The guiding principles, which help the company advance globally, are: Engineering and realization of distinguished quality products Outstanding level of customer satisfaction Continuous optimization of the production processes High labour productivity Environmental commitment The management of the company envisions achieving a consolidated and sustained growth on national and international level by establishing honest and long-term business relation with its customers.


MufleDrain HD-PE doğrusal bir su drenaj sistemi (Yüksek Yoğunluklu Polietilen). MufleDrain EN 1433 'işareti ve drenaj kanalları için kanallar yaya ve / veya araç trafiğine maruz alanlar içinde yüklü olan yüzey suyu toplama ve taşıma, kalite kontrol, tanımlar, sınıflar, tasarım ve test gereksinimleri' belirtir uygundur. MufleSystem kendi tarafından üretilen tüm ürünler CE işareti geçerlidir


Who We Are?

HKSC Limited was founded in 2007 with 35 years of experience in architecture and aesthetics. Our company has signed and continue to sign a partnership with the sector's largest domestic and overseas construction projects from individual to institutional.

We are contributing to the building longevity with improving and producing drainage systems for directing water with the brand name of "HKSC" in Turkey' s projects and with the brand name of "AKVO" in international projects.
In short, we are producing absolute solutions with our growing product portfolio for homes and businesses wet areas, car parks, social facilities and exteriors.

What does our brand: "AKVO" mean?

Since our job is based on water and water drainage systems, we named our brand as "AKVO" which means: "Water" in Esperanto.

Fields of Activity

KHousing projects, Industrial organizations, School projects, Park and Garden arrangements, Health-Care facilities, Industrial Kitchens, Boutique studies.

Our Vision

i) Our ultimate goal is always to be the best in our sector.
ii) To develop and create new sources, continuously.
iii) To work customer-oriented and be the best in order to provide better service.